Andy Curlowe ‘06 exhibits at Mingo Gallery and Galerie D’Este

September 22, 2014

Alumnus Andy Curlowe ’06 exhibited in at Pendulum at Mingo Gallery (284 Cabot St, Beverly, MA) this summer alongside Dante Rodriguez. Learn more here:

Pendulum explored the multiplicity of image and identity, with Curlowe focusing on “the intersections of the natural landscape with that of the manmade.” His paintings seeked to demonstrate the destruction, innovation and layered heritage of our landscape. Rodriguez’s work explored abstracted portraiture, focusing on the capricious nature of personal identity as influenced by time, environment and culture.

Many towns have been damaged by natural disasters and by human exploitation. Curlowe’s adopted town of Cleveland along with the other rust belt towns were left abandoned. Cleveland was eventually resettled by artist. It shows same cycle of overuse and fallowness as his art. Curlowe describes his work as “referencing the landscape of both his present and past.”

Curlowe also exhibited Bad Land will inaugurate Galerie D’Este’s new location in Canada. The name Bad Land refers to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The Exhibit focuses on “the consequences of human presence in the natural landscapes.” The Badlands of South Dakota are hostile to humans and this makes them ideal for wildlife. Curlowe works on canvas with acrylic paint and graphite to capture small mining towns across the country.Curlowe and Rodriguez shared some stylistic similarities in both palette and technique, their work remains distinguished from one another through the ways in which they use layered information; through concealing, revealing, obscuring or all together deleting information in order to create a complex narrative and evoke sentiment.

Galerie D’Este, 4396 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Canada
September 4 – 28

Curlowe has exhibited extensively across Ohio and Massachusetts. His work appeared in issue #89 of New American Paintings. In 2013 Curlowe received a grant to build and install 35 red tents in selected locations across the U.S, titled the “Tent Project”. He was born in upstate New York and has lived in Cleveland for the past six years.

Published by College Relations Intern Josh Ramsey