Ampersand Profile of Andrew Houle ‘00

April 23, 2020

Alum Andrew Houle (’00) was recently profiled by Ampersand Art Materials on MacPherson’s Art Dog Blog, where he discussed his body of work as well as the tools he uses to produce that work.

Houle’s art runs the gamut from beer labels for Channel Marker Brewing, pop-culture and comic inspired work, and “American realism” paintings capturing scenes from around the North Shore. Not terribly surprising for an artist whose influences range from painter J.M.W. Turner to comic artist Dave McKean. But he had particular, specific praise for Montserrat:

“And in the most accessible terms of all, I had great instruction at Montserrat College of Art. Notably from Kathleen Speranza, George Gabin, Fred Lynch, Elissa Della-Piana and Haig Demarjian. They were shapers. Not just teachers. They all made lasting marks on how I would find my visual voice.”

Read the house piece art Art Dog Blog. To see more of Andrew Houle’s work, check out his website