Alumnus Shawn Salinger Exhibits Isms at MedCap Advisors

August 21, 2013


Montserrat College of Art alumnus Shawn Salinger ’02 will be exhibiting his work titled “Pocket Full of Isms” on Saturday, September 7, from 6 – 10 pm at MedCap Advisors, 97 Winthrop Street, Harvard Square Cambridge, MA. There will be refreshments served and artists’ prize raffle.

MedCap Advisors is transforming their office into a gallery showcasing 13 of Salinger’s dynamic paintings that will dance on the office walls and serve as a gallery for the Cambridge community. MedCap Advisors values innovation in any form, and are spreading their philosophy from the biotech and medtech space to the art world.

“The Isms series was influenced by concepts surrounding astrology and cosmology. The paintings were created in an attempt to bridge a gap between the viewer and the subconscious.” – Salinger

To see more of his work visit:

MedCap Advisors, LLC provides sophisticated strategic business and M&A consulting services exclusively to the medical technology and healthcare sectors. With more than 20 years of expertise in emerging medical devices, biotechnologies, and biologics, the firm’s advisers are authorities in the full spectrum of strategic, scientific, and financial strategies that drive the medical marketplace.

Courtesy from MedCap Advisors