Alumnus Michael Nevin’s Gallery: World’s Top 5

October 31, 2011

Alumnus Michael Nevin ’04 is founder and editor in chief of the Journal, a curated art and culture magazine first started while he was a freshman at Montserrat. The magazine now circulates in more than 30 different countries. Nevin is also director of the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY where the most recent installation by Daniel Turner, entitled ‘Mariana’, was considered one of the Top 5 Art Exhibitions by world leading contemporary art advisors, Nicolai and Michael Frahm.

Nicolai and Michael work with artists and collectors from all over the world and spend over 200 days a year attending auctions, gallery openings, and exhibitions to see new works, spot emerging talent, and observe new trends. Currently, they find the Journal to be the gallery to watch right now!  “The gallery shows a great selection of artists from Joe Bradley to Ida Eklbad, it is experimental, progressive, and a great place to discover new talent,” they said.

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