Alumni News: Tom Maio ’13 and Leah Rafaela Ceriello ’12 Perform in Flesh Crisis Symposium July 7 – 9

June 30, 2016

13537515_1244078098957868_4983751014114262416_nAlumni Tom Maio ’13 and Leah Rafaela Ceriello ’12 will be featured in the Flesh Crisis: July 7 – 9 symposium of performance and live art practices by 25 artists at La Esquina Gallery in Kansas City, MO 7-9pm each night. Performances deal with time, space, object, and the body as the primary medium, and showcase an array of aesthetics. Flesh Crisis is an organizational and educational platform for exhibiting contemporary physical / spatial / temporal artwork

Tom Maio has been working on a series of performances that focuses on gothic imagery, specifically vampires, which were used as a sign of difference and a threat to conformity, as a way to talk about queer identity, and failure. Maio lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. They have shown work at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Defibrillator Gallery, Illinois, Mobius Inc., Boston, Regart Centre D’Artistes En Art Actuel, Canada, Boston Center for the Arts, and §üb∫amsøn, Boston. Maio will also be performing on July 20th, and August 5th for the Montserrat Sculpture Show at Boston Sculptors Gallery.

Leah Rafaela Ceriello‬ investigates time and impermanence, through long durational performance works, walks, documents, photographs and other ephemera. She is ultimately interested in two fundamental questions: what has come before you? & what will remain after you’re gone?