Alumni News: Leah Rafaela CerielloPerforms at Möbius

November 20, 2013

Alumna Leah Rafaela Ceriello ’12 will be performing at Möbius along with a group of artists Friday, Nov. 22.


Experimental Structures in Performance is an event derived from many weeks of playing around with various strategies and structures of performing-while performing. Based primarily on actions and objects, each artist will be developing his/her own systems, structures and maps of their work. Each map will be laid over each successive map to construct a whole. The performances, though constructed individually, will overlap, collaborate and connect as the performance develops throughout the evening. Each artist will be working with their own duration, from 16 continuous hours to 5 min. segments linked together over 2 hours. The artists welcome you to come any time throughout the day, but you are especially invited to attend the final section beginning at 8pm.


Kledia Spiro

Leah Cariello

Oskar Malone

Billy Nichols

Victor Princiotta

Jeff Huckleberry (MAG)