Alumni News: Kerry Karner ’96 Update

August 15, 2014

Alumna Kerry Karner ’96 is currently working as the Senior Graphic Designer at Omega Engineering, a temperature measurement, flow, pressure and data acquisition instrumentation company in Stamford CT. Kerry works in the in-house creative department, made up of two senior graphic designers, two graphic artists, a proofreader and an advertising coordinator. Her office does all the creative services (catalogs, handbooks, etc.) for the company and for more than 20 of their international sites.

Kerry also does some of her own creative work on the side. She’s currently working on branding for a new company who will be manufacturing liquid for e-cigarettes.

She also has an ongoing project she calls ‘my heart phenomenon‘. For the past 16 years she has encountered hearts in everyday situations, in her food, out in nature, on others. “You wouldn’t believe the situations where they appear to me,” she said. She has photographed 95% of the hearts she has come across. Kerry self published a book four years ago with these photographs. “I’ve since gotten a following on facebook where if someone finds a heart they photograph it, send it to me and I post it in an album which I tag them in. That’s been going strong for quite a few years now. I love that people share with me. Makes me realize that love is surrounding us at all times. And funny enough they usually pop up whenever I seem to be needing them most!”