Alumni News: Howard Kline ’77

October 9, 2014

After graduating from Montserrat College of Art, alumnus Howard Kline ’77 did what most artists only dream of. He opened his own gallery where people could buy directly from him and created his own art style. “The style is borne from the highly emotional Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1940′s,” he said. “This painting style has strong emotional content that captures the essence of the moment by purely visual means.”

After thirty years painting in New England, Kline wanted to be in a less conservative environment and reach a wider audience with his art. After a detailed search of the art colonies of the United States, he decided to move his studio and gallery to Cambria, one of California’s art colonies by the sea. “I was delighted to find the perfect building to buy in the west village on the highly traveled Route One,” said Kline. “This happened in the year 2000 and another decade of my art career was in the making.”

In 2013 he discovered Bisbee, AZ and resettled in a perfect building on the sunny side of the Main Street. “Bisbee is filled with art galleries, whimsical cafes, fine dining, brew pubs and hosts a robust nightlife featuring muses, musicians, dancers and divas, painters, poets, authors, and actors. And maintains a comfortable year-round average temperature of 78 degrees.”

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Published by College Relations Intern Josh Ramsey