Alumni News: Deanna Jacome ’15 Profiled in Creative Salem

June 16, 2015

17644_980066548692359_1764162031062794691_n (1)Recent graduate Deanna Jacome ’15 was featured in Creative Salem.


Deanna, a recent Montserrat grad, is a multifaceted artist with a booth at the Salem Arts Festival focused on her marbled pieces. She got her start as an artist skilled in the process of Turkish marbling when she discovered a unique book in the Harvard library. “I looked at the flyleaf…the first page of the book…and I saw this amazing pattern with the most intricate design,” she said of her inspiration. After learning this design was created through Turkish marbling and further researching the design, Deanna taught herself the traditional process of creating it.

In the couple years since then, she has developed her own unique spin on the marbling process, and it’s apparent in her work. Each piece is like a snowflake – no two are quite the same! At the Arts Festival, Deanna was selling everything from marbled notebooks with handmade paper to marbled framed art, standalone pieces, shirts, kitchen utensils and more. Deanna also makes whimsical floral crowns that were spotted on many festivalgoers.


As a recent art school graduate, the Salem Arts Festival is integral in allowing Deanna to connect with the community and make an impression with her work and talent. “This is my first real chance to get myself out there, and this is such a nice opportunity. I appreciate so much that Creative Salem gave me this tent and this exposure and the ability to share the things that I want people to get to have. It’s a confidence boost. It makes going into the real world a little less scary when you have the warmth of Salem.” To view Deanna’s work and background, visit