Alumni News: Brett Mason Exhibits at Endicott

November 20, 2013

Alumnus Brett Mason ’12 has a show at Endicott through Nov. 25th.

Endicott College’s School of Visual and Performing Arts and student Art Club is hosting an exhibition Specificity, the Art of Brett Mason and Hannah Lawler in the Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts, Endicottt College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly.  Gallery hours are Mon. – Thu., 9 am – 7 pm; Fri., 9 am -5 pm; and Sat. and Sun., 2 -4 pm.

Brett Mason’s work, Life and the Imagination is a series of paintings that reflect on world travel photographs taken by Richard E. S. Maxson — once an artist, world traveler, and museum curator. “At first these paintings show the everyday life of various people and places in many parts of the world. As a serendipity of expression and realism with paint emerges, a nostalgic presence for something that I personally will never experience in my life time is stirred within. Only through Maxson’s photographs I am able to invent my soulful experience through paint. Uniqueness and unity of humanity is what allows us to build up an empire from almost nothing, see beyond our senses, and imagine things that the mind could only conceive. With that being expressed, it is important to see how for me these paintings go beyond the photographic realm to a more intuitive view of life’s beauty and sacredness.” Brett Mason was born in Beverly, MA and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2012 from Montserrat College of Art, majoring in Interdisciplinary Arts with a minor in art history.

If you have any questions regarding Specificity, the Art of Brett Mason and Hannah Lawler or any of the programming at the Center for the Arts, please contact, Kathleen J. Moore, Coordinator of Visual Arts and Gallery Director at [email protected] or 978-232-2655.