Alumni News: Bradford Rusick Exhibits in Cambridge

May 21, 2014

Alumnus Bradford Rusick ’08 has announced and invited the Montserrat community to his next show Joyland presented by Voltage Coffee and Art in Cambridge, MA. The show will feature a host of new large works on paper and panel that he’s excited to share.

Joyland goes up June 8, a reception will follow on Friday, June 13, 7-9 pm and it will remain on view until July 27.

Voltage Coffee & Art
295 3rd St. Cambridge, MA 02142
(Near Longfellow Bridge and the Kendall T Stop)

Artist Statement:
Apparent in my paintings, drawings, and sculptures are a collage of ideas, methods, and medium. These elements reflect the processing of information by a mind that can only find rest in abundance. My art is the testament of someone who was raised by the Internet more than television; it also perhaps speaks to the diagnosis of A.D.D. I received as a youth.

Within all of my work there is an ultimate goal: I want to make others happy. And by happy I do not mean, “appease or cater to.” I long for someone to truly feel some sense of playfulness or fun within himself or herself. It’s what I feel when I’m creating art– It’s all about light and brightness. There is enough darkness in the world without my adding to it.

This goal may or may not be achieved but it is a central focus with everything I make. Many of my personal influences derive from large sculpture, installations, and street art… artists who invoke the same emotions in me that I pursue evoking in others. Specific artists that inspire me include Jeff Koons, Murakami, Sol Lewitt, Mark Jenkins, and OS Gemeos.