Alumni News: Ania Gruca & Markie Remien Exhibit at Frame 301

April 11, 2015

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On View: March 29 – May 1, 2015

Ania Gruca & Markie Remien, A Natural Order, 2015

Montserrat College of Art alumna Ania Gruca ’14 and Markie Remien ’14 are North Shore based artists whose installation A Natural Order is currently on view in the Frame 301 Gallery through Friday May 1st. A Natural Order is a site-specific environment assembled from found and fabricated objects. The work depicts an elapsed period of time in which nature reclaims an abandoned dwelling. The objects are chosen for their symbolic identity, whether dealing with nature or domesticity and through that selection emanate a feeling of place and sentimentality. A sense of uncertainty comes into play as the deserted structure begins to decay without the care and upkeep of those who once inhabited it. Gruca & Remien’s work is concerned with the significance of place and the ability it has to influence those who exist within it.

Ania Gruca & Markie Remien graduated from Montserrat College of Art in 2014. Gruca was born in Warsaw Poland, moving to the United states at a young age. She grew up in New Jersey until moving to Beverly to pursue a BFA in Sculpture. Her work is concerned with domesticity and personal experiences associated with being an immigrant and Polish-American woman. She explores such themes through multiple disciplines ranging from sculpture and installation to photography and film. Remien was born and raised in a small community in northern New Jersey. Growing up she was surrounded by lush environments, and found a sense of deeper connectivity in it. Her work deals with an admiration for the natural world, and a strive to create a deeper understanding of it in relation to herself. Using digital and traditional methods of photography, sculptural installation, and ceramics she creates ethereal moments and dream like scenes of fantastical environments.