Alumni News: Allison Hornak and Migrant Salon Update

December 9, 2013

Alumna, painter and sculptor Allison Hornak ’09 is the owner of Migrant Salon,  which just recently opened its doors this past October. Here is a note from Hornak thanking visitors for their support and announcing her upcoming exhibit, Hold Your Breath:

It has been a joy to connect with you during these first three months at Migrant Salon. Thank you for your interest and support. You are a significant reason why the beginning of this endeavor has been successful and so personally rewarding. The next presentation in the gallery space is kicking off this Friday, Dec. 13, and I encourage you to stop by to see it.

You are invited to visit Migrant Salon to participate in an ongoing, cumulative, community-based artwork. For five weeks in the space I will present an installation titled, Do Hold Your Breath. The art piece involves a camera, computer, some cloth, nails and ten minutes of your time. To make this piece I need your trust and partnership. If you are interested please stop by the salon during its open hours, Thursday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Please come willing to have your picture taken. It must be noted, though, this will be portraiture with a twist. At the end of five weeks there will be a closing reception where it will be viewed, face to face, what came of our—you, the visitor, and me, the artist (in this case)—joined risk. All ages are welcome.

“The photographer’s intentions do not determine the meaning of the photograph, which will have its own career, blown by the whims and loyalties of the diverse communities that have use for it.” – Susan Sontag

“The greatest art is to sit, and wait and let it come.” – Yogi Bhagan

Do Hold Your Breath is underway now through Jan. 18. The doors are open to all who simply wish to view the work in progress, as well as to those who want to volunteer to assist in its progression.

I look forward to sharing this project with you.


Allison Hornak
Migrant Salon
117 Church Hill Road, Suite D
Sandy Hook, CT 06482