Alumni Feature: Brad Silk ’07

September 11, 2013

Alumnus Brad Silk ’07 graduated from Montserrat College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. A current resident of Brooklyn, NY, Silk has had a successful career as Assistant Director at Cindy Rucker Gallery, in the Lower East Side of New York City, NY, as well as working as an Independent Curator. He has also begun lending his expertise in the arts to artists as an agent or advisor.

He attributes his entrepreneurial success to the education he received from Montserrat. “The expansive and diverse education I received from Montserrat has allowed me to develop my own, unique path in the arts,” he said. “As a previous Student Liaison at MCA, I use to say, ‘you get from this school what you put in.’ Since the programs at Montserrat foster creativity and community, I was free to branch outside of my concentration and find inspiration in studio time, art history, and student programs; inspiration which has lead me to a fulfilling career in Arts Administration.”

Brad Silk ’07 with work by Valerie Piraino
Photoplay at Cindy Rucker Gallery,  Sept. 8 – Oct.13 in NYC
Photo credit: Robert Dupree, Installations work: Valerie Piraino
By Proxy 2012 at Studio Museum of Harlem

His new project, a Queens Community House installation, is set to unveil Sept. 20 in Queens, NY. He is working with the arts non-profit, Art Connects NY (ACNY) to create a permanent collection for a Queens Community House (QCH). ACNY is a non-profit organization which connects artists and curators to other non-profits to build a private collection. By building a private collection, the organization garnishes new and exciting attention as well as is valued at a higher-level, in-turn, allowing it to request more financial backing.

Silk is excited to be a part of this project in particular, as QCH is an organization that fosters a stronger community by challenging its citizens to explore new programs and work alongside the diverse group of neighbors. This kind of program is needed around the country, more than ever, and its success is easily trackable as the organization has grown exponentially since its development in 1979. In its newest incarnation, QCH expands to over 20+ spaces and various programs: from arts to dancing and educational programs to meal assistance.

While this project is partially funded and organized by Art Connects NY, which is providing a stipend to all the artists. Many of the artists want to provide stellar work with safe, non-toxic, sustainable materials to ensure long lasting quality and health for the Queens Community House. Any additional funding will go directly to helping provide invitationals, materials, travel, and an additional stipend for the artists.

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