Alumna Jenna Lou Update

April 4, 2012

After graduating in May of 2011, Jenna Lou packed up and moved out to California! During her road trip, she hit every major city across the north of the US before settling where she currently resides in Los Angeles. After only two months of living on the West Coast, she landed her dream job as a graphic retoucher at Flash Point Graphix, a major, large scale print firm.

Jenna also owns her own photography business called Jennaration Photography, where she photographs head shots, events, set photography and fine art.

This month, Jenna will be co-opening a gallery in North Hollywood that will include the work of alumnus Adam Ziskie ’08, which opens April 14.

She is also in the process of joining Gallery Godo in Glendale, CA.

Since moving to CA, she has had the opportunity to record her music at EastWest studios, which was founded by Frank Sinatra. She recorded on a grand piano that Elton John, Elvis, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple and Paul McCartney have all recorded on!

I owe so much thanks to Montserrat for giving me the tools and dedication to follow my goals and having the confidence to be working in an awesome field as a professional.” – Jenna.

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