Alumna Haruyo Nakanishi Exhibiting in Japan

March 21, 2012

Alumna Haruyo Nakanishi ’93 has one of her works in the show Roots. Jomon & Mayan Cultures Inspiring Contemporary Art at the Mexico embassy in Japan this month! This exhibition displays the works of Japanese and Mexican artists who are inspired by Maya and Jomon cultures. It is a traveling show which was held last summer at the Tobinodai museum of Jomon Ruins in Funabashi, China. Exhibition Dates: March 9 – 29.

My installation work is inspired by ancient Jomon people’s mind,” Haruyo said. “After the huge natural disaster of last year, I find primordial spirit in Japanese nowadays.”

Click here to learn more about the Jomon people that have inspired the work of Haruyo.

Haruyo has been making art and exhibiting it since she graduated from Montserrat in 1993. She also has a solo exhibit in Japan coming up this June! Stay posted for details coming soon!