Alumna Halley Murray Organizes Zine Fest Berlin

November 14, 2012

Alumna Halley Murray ’08 recenlty organized the event Zine Fest Berlin in Berlin this month. It took place Nov. 3rd and 4th at SFE Mehringhöfe, Gneisenaustrasse 2a in Berlin, Germany.

Murray was at the event with her “distro (Raumschiff Distro) and zine (Infecticitis),” and also gave a workshop on “How To Start a Zine Distro”.

Organized by a handful of zine-enthusiasts, the Zine Fest Berlin returned for it’s second year. Focusing on the subversive culture of self-made publications aka “zines”, the Zine Fest provides a platform and meeting place for zine-lovers and small self-publishers across an international crowd. Zines are part of a subculture of Do-It-Yourself, an idea where the relation between production and consumption has shifted. Zines are individual autonomous voices, and the Zine Fest brings them to the public and celebrate how special they are!

During the whole weekend there were various workshops on such topics as layout, writing, bookbinding and self-publishing, covering most aspects of zine-production. There were also talks and open discussions about the vast culture and history of zines, as well as 40+ tables of lovely people showcasing, sharing and selling their zines, books, comics and artwork. In the spirit of DIY, the Zine Fest provided a “crafty table” for people to create their own zines and to run wild with their thoughts and ideas.

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Courtesy of Halley Murray