Alumna Bettie Hamilton New Book

January 18, 2013

Image: Hamilton painted the Gertie (1/2 Puffin bird) portrait for the cover.

Alumna Bettie Hamilton‘s ’79 latest book Gertie Guru’s Diet and Bird Book: Delicious Dishes for Curvaceous Chubs (Outskirts Press, Inc., Nov. 2012) is now on

It is a funny fable with animal characters and legit delicious recipes, a sort of diet spoof.” – Hamilton

“In the Great Woods Sanctuary Gertie Guru sold her recipes from her tree house on Psycho Path to help out her favorite charity, Curvaceous Chubs. Larrymore Lion and his fiancee, Lulu Llama were dismayed Gertie was plotting the murder of Alonzo Lorenzo Lizzie Ann’s best boy friend Darwin’s pet ferret. She was planning to bake him into a Ferret Wellington in Lizzie Ann’s oven and taking as her Chief Consort, Darwin. Ronald Rabbit staged a strike when Gertie hyped Rabbit Pie, her Recipe of the Week. He and Ruthie had many a child marching with signs. The single or married, gay or straight beasties of the Woods all banded together to foil the Guru’s plot. Gertie named all her recipes after birds as a tribute to the parents of all the wild bird’s eggs she stole to eat. This is a fable for all serious dieters to digest.”

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