Alum Nygel Jones Highlighted on Artnet

July 26, 2022

Montserrat alum Nygel Jones (’15) was recently highlighted by Artnet ahead of his attendance at the Hamptons Fine Art Fair.

Jones’ work is primarily wall art made from a variety of materials—from found objects to metal to wood—which are then enclosed within custom frames. Describing what they found so engaging about Jones’ work, ArtNet said:

“’s inspirations are wide-ranging and often rooted in his childhood in the 1990s, encompassing references to pop culture, music, instruments, technology, and design. The colors and shapes found in his constructions take inspiration from LEGOs, anime, comic books, cars, superheroes, and Star Wars. Often the works have musical titles, a testament to the artist’s own background. Jones comes from a family of woodworkers, carpenters, and musicians; his grandfather, Max Jones, was a jazz musician who played with Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday.”

Describing his own practice, Jones said: “My overall practice consists of painting and constructing shapes, in ways that extend beyond our known existing geometric shapes. It’s a psychological exercise, like solving a strategic game with a specific equation. The shape’s design is inspired by any random thought out of my subconscious, coming from memory to everyday experience or simply feeling and emotion. It’s a visual metaphor for the universal nature of musical inspiration. The frames are an extension of the shapes within and encapsulate the essence of repetition and melody through each cut side, like beats or notes on a scale.”

To read the full article and see some examples of Jones’ recent work, head here.

To follow Jones on Instagram, head to @nygelajones.