Alum Daniel Stone Releases New Short Film

August 14, 2020

Alum Daniel Stone (‘15) has written and directed a new short film, entitled NineSixFive, which he wrote, directed, and filmed during quarantine this year.

     The film offers a peek into a normal night at 965 Howell Mill in Atlanta, Georgia. Daniel describes 965 as a “house where people come together from all over the world seeking low cost house. Students, film workers, artists, and misfits all co-exist in chaotic harmony.” Originally from Pittsfield, MA, Daniel currently lives and works in Atlanta.

     Per Daniel’s director statement:

“There’s so much brilliance that occurs every single day that is overlooked. Little scenarios and moments of genius. I’ve decided I want to spend the rest of my life capturing these moments. I want to show that each person is this complex unique weird little machine that sees the world totally different than anyone else. I want to show that people should stop trying so hard to look and act certain ways, that they should just be themselves and explore what they actually enjoy. I get very sad when I see people caught in loops, there is so much more to life but unfortunately it’s so damn easy to fall into the traps of endless, merciless distractions.”

Daniel intends to submit NineSixFive to film festivals.

NineSixFive can be viewed in full here.