James Franco Gives Martha Buskirk a Shout-Out!

August 1, 2012

Prof. Martha Buskirk received a great mention from actor James Franco in the Huffington Post! He included her Creative Enterprise book as one of his Summer Reading picks!

“...If you’re interested in how that confusing thing called the ‘art world’ operates, it is a great guide,” said Franco. “Buskirk examines the heterogeneous contemporary art world where everything from performance instructions to diamond encrusted skulls is sold for big money. It breaks down the art business and art-making in a way that will enlighten ignorant scoffers and challenge inside practitioners.

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Also, Hyperallergic interviews Buskirk, Art’s Corrosive Success: An Interview with Martha Buskirk, to discuss the shifts that have taken place in the past few decades in the interface between art and the marketplace.

“There’s always been a relationship between art and money or art and commerce, and the most interesting galleries have both been successful as businesses and had a certain kind of far-reaching aesthetic sensibility.” -Buskirk

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