A Special Message from Zee Soffron ’98 – Director of Wolf Hollow!


Zee Soffron
Director of Wolf Hollow, Art Educator, and Montserrat Alumni ’98



In the company of wolves, Zee spent some time talking about the important conservation and education work that Wolf Hollow undertakes. He also shares the unexpected connection between Wolf Hollow and Montserrat.

The founder of Wolf Hollow and Zee’s late-Father, Paul Soffron, attended continuing-education classes at Montserrat and some of his experiences directly led to the creation of the Foundation.

Zee would take pre-college classes at Montserrat (he even still has the receipt!), and eventually went on to pursue an Illustration degree at the College, graduating in 1998.

In addition to his extensive work at Wolf Hollow and tireless passion for the species, Zee is an accomplished Art Educator and currently teaches at a Middle School nearby.

Listen on to hear Zee’s reflections on his time at Montserrat, fostering a creative mind, and important work that Wolf Hollow does! Also check out when President Steinberg visited Wolf Hollow last summer. 

Wolf Hollow sustains itself on donations and tours, which are unfortunately not possible because of the COVID-19 outbreak. For anyone able, please consider donating to this wonderful organization!

They are also accepting reservations for tours starting in June 2020, get yours early!

Special thanks to Zee Soffron and Kevin Kenny!

***Wolf Hollow, a wolf sanctuary and educational facility, founded in 1988, with the mission to educate on the importance and preservation of wolves in the wild through education and exposure, as well as to dispel negative stereotypes about the species***