A Conversation with Teresa Baker

April 29, 2020

Teresa Baker
In conversation with Assistant Gallery Director, Kevin Lucey




Kevin Lucey spoke with LA based artist, Teresa Baker who will be included in an upcoming 3-person exhibition in the Montserrat Gallery, titled Some Glimpse of Life

Teresas mixed media work has much in common with gestural abstract painting, creating passages of saturated and gradient color and juxtaposed textures. Her often large-scale works evoke art historical antecedents from Rothko and Klee as well as traditional loom, map-making, and the natural topography of the Northern Plains. Her abstract “landscapes” however are not at all paintings — instead, she works in a collage-like method incorporating textiles and unconventional materials from AstroTurf to buffalo hide, felt to beads and basket-weaving. In this way she honors both her modern aesthetic and the materials and cultural metaphors of her childhood. Baker is the newest recipient of the Ucross Foundation’s Fellowship for Native American Visual Arts.