Montserrat College of Art Galleries has won BONS Readers Choice Award for the second year in a row!

August 5, 2020

BONS (“Best of the North Shore”) is a yearly effort by Northshore magazine to offer their readers a comprehensive listing of the best places on the North Shore to eat, drink, shop, and more. For the second consecutive year, the hard work of the Montserrat Galleries staff has made them the readers’ choice of galleries. Per Northshore:

“Displaying work by students, faculty, alums, and professionals, the galleries at Montserrat let art-lovers experience an expansive range of styles and subjects, including pop art posters and provocative photography, to fiber art installations and moody paintings.”

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made Montserrat Galleries a destination for art lovers in the area! Between big-name exhibitions like Ron Diamond’s The Animation Show of Shows or the spectacular showcases of student work like The Thing Is, there’s always been something exciting, engaging, challenging, or uplifting installed in at least one of the gallery spaces.

Montserrat Galleries has even more great shows coming up, which they can’t wait to share with the community as soon as it’s safe to do so! See what’s installed right now at the Galleries homepage, and stay up to date with what Montserrat Galleries are up to by following their Instagram page, @montserratgalleries.

To see the Montserrat Galleries listing, along with the other winners, go to