“Montserrat has made me a stronger more self-assured person. There’s a lot of independence and responsibility handed to you here, and it’s a lot. But it’s made me more mature and has taught me things about being on my own that I could never ignore.”

Danielle Franzen ’15

The sculpture concentration at Montserrat reflects the broad range of practice that is contemporary sculpture, and encourages a range of expression that includes object making, multi-media assemblage, performance, and installation work. Making sculpture involves a series of related decisions involving craft, spatial orchestration, scale relationships, material interactions and tolerances, siting, and audience. Students survey the landscape of current work while developing their own skills and areas of interest.

The sculpture curriculum provides for the study of time-honored materials and techniques in conjunction with courses for exploring individual and novel approaches to sculptural array. Students choose from technical courses to tailor their interests, while studying the basics of sculpture and its historical arch. Each year, their sculptures are shown in galleries and outdoor venues both on campus and in the surrounding area.

Sculpture graduates work in many fields, including constructing pieces for gallery exhibits; the design and assembly of internationally known pipe organs; and the fabrication of handmade automobiles and welded architectural pieces. One graduate found work hand carving custom-made guitars. The possibilities are boundless.