“Montserrat to me is a place to figure out where your strengths lie, even if they’re not what you expected them to be.”

Lisa Martinez ’15

Illustration is the art of visual communication, and Montserrat’s Illustration Department has served as the foundation for many accomplished published illustrators, authors, art directors and award-winning designers.

The combination of great artwork and wisely chosen ideas is the formula for an illustrator’s success in communicating with pictures for books, magazines, newspapers, web sites, gaming and more. At Montserrat, students become experts in creating and understanding pictures that inform, entertain and persuade audiences. They develop not just their drawing, painting and media skills, but their creativity and imaginations too.

In a world where fine arts and communication arts are often separated, Montserrat weaves them together. Students are trained to draw, paint, sculpt, design and create as fine artists. They are encouraged to explore, innovate and express themselves personally, and uniquely.