Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts

Montserrat College of Art offers a wide variety of Concentrations in art, design, and interdisciplinary studies in a student-centered environment that’s fun, rigorous, and collaborative. Whatever your passion, you’ll find classes, gallery shows and ideas that inspire you.

Art Education

The Art Education program prepares students for their own artistic practice and gives them the tools to support and develop the artistic and creative abilities of students (Pre-K – 12) in schools and community settings…Read More

Graphic Design

Graphic design thrives in the fine arts setting of Montserrat. Our Graphic Design program offers courses designed to teach designers how to capture ideas and structure information using type, images and sound for a variety of platforms…Read More


Painting students explore a range of media and build formal, technical, and conceptual skills while also developing their personal vision. In class, traditional and contemporary practices are explored to prepare students for enriching careers as visual artists…Read More


The sculpture concentration at Montserrat reflects the broad range of practice that is contemporary sculpture, and encourages a range of expression that includes object making, multi-media assemblage, performance, and installation work.
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Animation + Interactive Media

The Animation and Interactive Media (A+IM) concentration at Montserrat College of Art reflects a philosophy that the basic ideas of linear, time-based and interactive media are equally at home in the fine arts and commercial realms…Read More

Interdisciplinary Arts

Montserrat’s Interdisciplinary Arts concentration allows students to create their own course of art study, incorporating media from various departments throughout the college…Read More

Photo, Video + Film

Lilia Volodina

It is through the discerning eye of the photographer and videographer that the world and all of its beauty and wonder, news, and information, is brought into our lives. As Dorothea Lange said “The world is potentially full of good photographs. But to be good…Read More


In addition to our BFA concentrations we also offer 5 minor concentrations in:

    • Art Education
    • Art History
    • Creative Writing,
    • Curatorial Studies
    • Entrepreneurship in the Arts

    …Read More

Book Arts

Book Arts covers all aspects of book creation, including writing, image creation, editing, design, typesetting, preparation of images for reproduction, printing and binding. From letterpress printing to traditional bookbinding…Read More


Illustration is the art of visual communication, and Montserrat’s Illustration Department has served as the foundation for many accomplished published illustrators, authors, art directors and award-winning designers…Read More


Printmakers analyze, transform and replicate information using design, drawing, painting, book arts, letterpress, video, and often sculpture and installation. Montserrat’s Printmaking graduates enjoy careers as…Read More

Travel Programs

During winter break or over the summer months, our programs take you off the beaten path to unique and culturally rich locations that provide experiences far beyond standard fare.
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