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Kathleen Gerdon Archer (Alumni)

‘Forgotten Songs We Never Really Knew’
2017 – $650
18in x 64in
Donating 100%

Kathleen Gerdon Archer is a Painter/Photographer and the former owner of White Bird Gallery
and a former co-owner of FLOAT Gallery at the Rocky Neck Art Colony in Gloucester, Ma.

The artist is a current or former member of many arts organizations including, 
Kingston Gallery, The Goetemann Artist Residency, Program Director of The Rocky Neck Art
Colony, and a Trustee of the Ten Webster Street Artists Salon.

Archer is an honors graduate of Montserrat College of Art with a BA in Painting, which has a
profound influence on her photographic work. Archer’s work has been featured in international
and regional shows including ACRV Italy, The Copley Society, The Kingston Gallery Boston,
The Danforth Museum, The Carney Gallery at Regis College and the Griffin Museum of
Photography. She the selected for the was also selected as a finalist for Photolucida’s Critical
Mass awards.


Daniel Fionte

‘Flotsam and Shadows’
2019 – $1,800
20in x 30in

“I’ve always enjoyed traveling, especially once I’ve arrived at the destination and had some time
to get my bearings, but unlike a lot of people I generally prefer the colder, darker, more haunted
places. I suppose that confirms that I’m a New Englander at heart even more-so than the fact
that I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts and coincidentally reside there today with my wife and
son. I am a member of the board of directors at the Museum of Old Newbury where I help to
determine programming and volunteer my time documenting programs and events.”

Daniel received his B.F.A. in studio arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in
2007. After this he went on to graduate with a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Visual Arts 5-12, and
has been a professional educator ever since. He is currently teaching at Wilmington High
School, and for the last few years has taught photography exclusively.


Janice Updike (Alumni)

‘Fruit Still life’
2021 – $2,200
27in x 27in

Artist Janice Eaton Updike works in pastels creating contemplative landscapes of nature, color
and light inspired by the quiet beauty of salt marshes and fields along the east coast. Her still
lifes and interiors are studies of natural light transforming objects and space with the interplay of
illumination and shadow upon color. Producing art for over twenty years, Janice prefers pastels
for the versatility they provide within a range of subtlety. 

A graduate of Montserrat College of Art and residing in Newburyport, Janices’ works are at
home in many New England residences and corporate institutions. Recent exhibitions include
The Firehouse Center for the Arts, Newburyport MA; Stonewall Studios, Kittery, ME; Chameleon
Gallery, Newburyport, MA; the HallHaskell House Gallery , Ipswich, MA; The Kane Gallery,
Concord, MA and “Artrageous!” , the annual Montserrat College of Art show benefitting student

Janice Eaton Updike is currently represented at the Connor Summers Fine Arts & Custom
Framing Gallery on Market Street in Newburyport, MA.


Masako Kamiya (Faculty)

‘The Sacred’
2020 – $3,500
21in x 15in

“My painting is made with gouache on a watercolor paper. I build up dots of color into half-inch,
stalactite-like columns with rich variations in color layers. From a distance the painting is a
series of dots, which create larger patterns toward a uniformed center. When observed more
closely the third dimension is revealed, a forest of multicolored columns. The surface is dense.
Colors on the flat surface of the paper react with the colors on the surface of each stalk when
perceived closely.”

Masako Kamiya is a recipient of the Brother Thomas Fellowship in 2015 and the Massachusetts
Cultural Council Fellowship in Painting in 2006 and 2010. Kamiya’s work has been represented
at Gallery NAGA in Boston, Tobin Ohashi Gallery in Japan and The Last Supper in London.
She is a professor in Painting & Foundation Department at Montserrat College of Art, Beverly,


‘A Pitcher Perfect Museum Tour with Artist Diane KW’


Receive a handcrafted pitcher from master ceramicist Diane K.W.! Then tour the Cape Ann
Museum with Director, Oliver Barker, to see Diane K.W.’s permanent installation, “Strong
Breezes, Passing Clouds”.  Following the tour, visit Diane in her studio on Eastern Point in

Ceramic artist Diane KW divides her time between Hawaii and Cape Ann. Prior to her art career
she worked as a neurologist, epidemiologist and researcher in the USA and in Switzerland.
KW’s work with ceramics is quite varied, from hand-carved vessels to conceptual collage
transformation of ceramic shards. Her work may be seen in many other museum collections
including the Honolulu Museum of Art in Hawaii, the Nanchong University Ceramic Museum in
China, the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands and the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg
in Florida.


Jeff Weaver

16in x 22in

Jeff Weaver was born in 1953 in Framingham, Massachusetts. He began drawing and painting
at an early age, accepting portrait commissions by age fourteen. After graduating from high
school, he entered the Boston Museum School. In 1972 he took up residence in Gloucester,
sketching and painting the waterfront on an almost daily basis. In his early years in the city, he
supported himself at various waterfront jobs, as well as from commissions for boat portraits from
fishing vessel captains, and for murals in commercial establishments and private homes. This
eventually led to many years of commercial work, including over 30 murals painted in different
parts of the city. Returning to fine art pursuits in the 1990s, Jeff again focused on depicting
Gloucester and its environs in various media. He currently operates a studio/gallery at 16
Rogers Street on the Gloucester waterfront.


Olivia Parker

‘Red Orchid’
2011 – $4,000
25in x 36in
Donating 100%

After graduating from Wellesley College with a degree in Art History, Olivia Parker began to
make and photograph ephemeral constructions in 1973. Represented in major private,
corporate and museum collections, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of
Modern Art in New York, The Peabody Essex Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,
Parker’s work has been published in four monographs and in numerous magazines in the
United States and internationally. She has had over 100 solo exhibitions in museums and
galleries in the United States and abroad. 
In 1987 Parker said in the introduction to a book of her photographs, “I am interested in the way
people think about the unknown… New ideas form, the old are shattered, and sometimes old
ideas pop up again among the new like graffiti on a wall. All is uncertainty and change, but
optimists and bingo players are on the lookout for moments of perfect knowledge and perfect


Neil Wilkins (Alumni)

2017 – $350
12in x 12in

As I work, every brush stroke causes a piece to evolve. Each circle creates a new set of
interactions and dynamics. I change along with new relationships that develop in the work and I
experience my artworks as living and growing things.

Throughout the world, circles are revered as powerful symbols that communicate an innate
awareness and connection to our surroundings. Circles are universal; they emerge as the first
recognizable shape drawn by children from every culture and become intricately woven through
our life experiences. At the grandest and smallest scales, circular forms provide a path to
comprehension of natural order and offer insight into our existence and potential.

Both my curiosity and background of teaching science are enduring influences. I incorporate
fluid dynamics, geological formations, ecology, and wave properties as references in my work.
By deliberately removing a sense of absolute scale, I allow microscopic and macroscopic
interpretations to exist simultaneously.



Rebecca Nagle (Student)

‘Blue Barn’
2020 – $600
18in x 24in

Cape Ann based artist, Rebecca Anne Nagle, is a newly developing artist attending Montserrat
College of Art as a painting major. As a professional figure skater, she has always been a very
physical person creating marks and patterns on thick sheets of ice with the subtlety of body
weight and various pressures through the blades on her feet. That physicality often gets
transferred onto canvas. Movement provides a template for edgy and abstract mark making,
repetition, and exploration of color theory.

Interested in exploring social and political commentary, pieces are created when there is a forge
between the integrity of the subject matter and the goal of exuding empathy. Focusing on
repetition, grids, and mediums to create movement and explore mark making through my hands
or unconventional objects is an important part of the process. Experimenting with pastel, acrylic,
and collage, as well as various surfaces, brings depth to the work.