Montserrat students who have discontinued their enrollment for more than two consecutive semesters or have left the school without a formal leave of absence must submit a Returning Student Application to the Registrar’s Office.

Registrar’s Office
Theresa Skelly | 978.921.4242 x 1192

A student who did not participate in semester reviews before discontinuing may be asked to present a portfolio of work from the last enrolled semester for faculty review. Transcripts from colleges or universities attended during the student’s absence along with a corresponding portfolio should also be submitted.

A student who was not in good academic standing during his or her last semester at Montserrat must demonstrate a renewed commitment to his or her education and submit a portfolio of work executed during the period of absence.

Diploma Graduates Returning to Complete the B.F.A.

Students awarded a Diploma from Montserrat College of Art, who later decide to pursue a B.F.A. (Bachelor Of Fine Arts) must do so within five years of graduation; petitions for exceptions must be made in writing to the Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

Diploma graduates seeking the B.F.A. must submit a returning student application to the Registrar’s Office and complete a degree audit.
Approval to resume studies to complete the requirements for the B.F.A. is not guaranteed.
Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Transfer credits will be accepted from other institutions at the discretion of the Registrar and the Academic Dean and are limited to a maximum of 30 liberal arts credits and 30 studio credits.
This limit includes any credits previously transferred in as an undergraduate in the diploma program.
Diploma graduates returning to complete the B.F.A. are guided by current degree requirements.
Returning students must complete their final three credits in-residence at Montserrat.
Petitions for exceptions must be made in writing to the Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs.