Summer Institute – Beverly Residency

June 23 – June 29, 2024

The Art Educator Summer Institute – Beverly Residency offers a week-long summer session for all art educators. For six days and nights, participants will be immersed in our state-of- the-art studio spaces, building on their art practice while learning new skills to bring back to the classroom.

LOCATION: Montserrat College of Art is woven into the vibrant Arts District of downtown Beverly, MA. Our campus is just three blocks from the beach and five train stops from Boston.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Apartment-style accommodations create an authentic artist-in-residence experience with shared common space, kitchen, bathroom, and double or single bedrooms.

COST: The cost is $1,000 for shared accommodations. Add $150 for a single bedroom.

The cost includes:
• Participation in one morning workshop (9am–12pm) and one afternoon workshop from (1–4pm)
• Individual and group studio space
• Field trips and professional opportunities
• 30 Professional Development Points (PDPs)
• A welcome reception, daily continental breakfasts, and a closing reception

Registration is now closed.

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the program is full. Scholarships are available!

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact [email protected].

Course Descriptions

The Poetic Landscape with Loren Doucette (morning workshop)

Join artist Loren Doucette to learn how to record the ENERGY & RHYTHM of the day through gestural mark making while directly working on a beautiful location. During this class, you will be introduced to a way to rhythmically “search” the landscape for relationships vertically and horizontally while recording the natural directional forces. The class will focus on the importance of “differences” while creating a play of sizes, shapes and colors. You will be encouraged to explore expressive mark making to capture the feeling of the landscape rather than drawing it realistically using the local color or departing from it entirely with non-naturalistic color. You will be supported in seeking the rhythm, flow and movement of the day with your own poetic sensibility. Bring the medium you are most confident using and Loren will help you develop your confidence in expanding the idea of the landscape. 

Illustration: From Sketch to Finish with Greg Orfanos (morning workshop)

In this course, students will be making an evocative image to create a more intriguing illustration. We will begin with learning how to craft an illustration from the early idea stage, to the client-ready sketch, and then on to a full-color finish. To aid in the development of a concept, students will learn problem-solving techniques through the use of thumbnails and word association. Visual communication skills will be strengthened while learning how to use composition and reference for more effective storytelling in their work. Color studies will then be explored as we move into the finished illustration. Class critiques will occur at certain stages during the process in order to help each student make improvements for stronger illustrations.

Creating Puppets with Blyth Hazen (morning workshop)

In this course, we will work from a simple pattern to create a muppet-style fleece moving mouth puppet with arm rods. Each puppet can be customized depending on the creator’s whim. During the second half of the week, participants can build an additional puppet and/or create prototypes of mechanisms to move eyes, eyebrows, fingers or other puppet body parts. As puppets take form, we will explore rudimentary performance exercises to help these wee ones find their individual puppet voices and tell their own stories! Machine and hand sewing experience is helpful but not essential — bring your reading glasses to help thread those needles!

Paper Cutting with Catie Nasser (morning workshop)

Papercutting is a rich art form filled with historical and cultural traditions. In the class, students will learn various paper-cutting techniques and styles using both a X-Acto knife and scissors. Learn how to transform an image or an illustration into your own original work of art.

Alternative Photographic Processes with Patricia Scalio (morning workshop)

Experience the art, science, and magic of handmade photography. Looking into the history of the camera obscura, we will construct viewing cameras and pinhole cameras producing paper negatives and design a photogram collage using found objects. Demonstrations on hand-coloring techniques and instructions on how to transform a room into a working darkroom lab using minimal equipment will follow. All of the techniques are geared to 3rd grade through high school students.

Deepening Your Relationship With Painting and Drawing with Loren Doucette (afternoon workshop)

Exploring the nature of the creative process and our own unique creativity is the focus of this class. Learning by submerging yourself in the materials that speak to you most, you will find what lifts your practice and what may set you back. Through seeing and deep listening, you will gain clarity on ways that work best for you. You will be encouraged to work in any medium that calls to you and to try mixing dry and wet media. This is a time to try the things that you have been putting off. As a group, we will seek that freedom of expression that allows for true discovery. You will be supported by instructor Loren Doucette who will speak to the group each morning with inspiring notes from her workshops with Tim Hawksworth and La La Zeitlyn. Loren will work individually with each artist throughout their process.

Acrylic Glazing Techniques with Greg Orfanos (afternoon workshop)

In this class, students will be taught a glazing technique with acrylic paints. You will learn how to slowly build up color by applying acrylic paint in thin layers over an existing full value drawing. We will begin by sketching out several rough value sketches, followed by some color studies. Then the most successful sketch will be transferred to a final surface. Using various pencils, we will bring the sketch to a complete value drawing. Then we will solidify our warms and cools by adding thin washes of color. Finally we slowly build the color until the piece is finished.

Assemblage and Collage with Ruth Bauer (afternoon workshop)

This studio workshop will delve into the playful art of collage and assemblage, with participants constructing images and low relief panels with paper, fabric, found images and objects, wood, paint, ephemera, and anything else that adds color and texture to their pieces. Exploration of a wide range of historical and contemporary manifestations of collage and assemblage, such as the work of Dada artist Hanna Höch and contemporary artist Mark Bradford, will provide food for thought and inspiration.

Nearly Non-Toxic Intaglio with Haig Demarjian (afternoon workshop)

Intaglio printmaking is infamous for being fraught with hazardous chemicals. Acid used for etching is the most notorious of all, producing toxic fumes and destroying human flesh; not to mention the disposal issues, as well as dangerous and costly shipping and storage.

Also, inks and grounds demanding petroleum-based solvents for clean up are not only exposure hazards but also require prohibitively expensive ventilation for the safety of those using them. What a headache.

The “Nearly non-toxic Intaglio” workshop will show you how to replace acid with a miraculous etchant that produces no fumes, requires no ventilation, and is not a danger to human flesh – AND it etches zinc like a son-of-a-gun! The solution is very easy to make yourself, more convenient to purchase, transport, store, and is much less expensive than nitric acid. Not only that, but the whole process “from soup-to-nuts” is practically non-toxic! In this workshop you’ll produce an intaglio print– utilizing hard ground, etchant, ink, and clean-up — with the entire process being no more toxic than cleaning your bathroom.

The expressive potential of direct mark making (non-etchant based) intaglio methods will also be demonstrated, including engraving, drypoint and electric tools.

Tunnel Books with Catie Nasser (afternoon workshop)

Tunnel Books, also called Telescope Books, are three dimensional books that one can look through to reveal creative worlds and artistic views. In this class, students will learn to develop a story concept and turn that into layers of unique imagery illustrating stories, memories, poems, and more. The tunnel book is a very adaptable structure. Students will be encouraged to play around with size, materials, and production methods to discover what else is possible! 

Instructor Bios

Ruth Bauer (Assemblage and Collage)

A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Ruth Bauer’s paintings, watercolors, and monotypes have been shown in solo and group exhibitions across the United States. Her work is included in private and public collections, and has been published on book jacket covers for Houghton Mifflin, Harvard University Press, and Orchard Books. Ruth has been an artist-in-residence at the Here Arts Center in NYC and is a co-recipient with her husband, composer Jim Bauer, of a Jonathan Larson Performing Arts grant for their work on The Blue Flower. Her new passion is stop motion animation, which is even more labor intensive than theater, but just as much fun. Ruth believes as strongly in nurturing young artists as in making art, having taught for many years at Shore Country Day School in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Haig Demarjian (Nearly Non-Toxic Intaglio)

Professor Haig Demarjian of Salem State University was trained as a printmaker and has been at it for over 25 years. For a long time he tried to integrate safer methods into his arsenal, but was consistently dissatisfied with inferior non-toxic products and overly-complicated methods that yielded frustratingly unsatisfactory results. Through trial and error, he has managed to adopt methods and materials that satisfy his needs as a printmaker and educator while virtually eliminating toxicity in his studio practice. Due in part to Professor Demarjian’s efforts, Salem State’s Art + Design program boasts a Printmaking Studio that the National Association of Schools of Art and Design called, “a model not only for safe practices, but also for sustainable studio practices.”

Loren Doucette (The Poetic Landscape and Deepening Your Relationship With Painting and Drawing)

Loren Doucette lives in Gloucester, MA working as a full-time painter. Her work has shown in solo and group exhibitions since 2006. She received a BFA in Drawing and Painting in 2013 from Montserrat College of Art where she participated in Montserrat’s study-abroad program in Italy. It was there that landscape painting became a stabilizing force in her work. Using Oil,

Acrylic, Pastel and Gouache, her work includes architectural landscapes unique to Gloucester’s harbor, vibrant floral paintings, emotional figurative work and abstractions that come from the bones of all three subjects. Her paintings are prayers hovering between realism and abstraction and celebrate the sun, flowers, people and color of this world. In addition to painting, she offers art mentoring and classes throughout the year while doing live demonstrations upon request. All of Loren’s original artwork, giclee prints and a large assortment of her greeting cards can also be viewed and purchased on her website and online store. &

Blyth Hazen (Creating Puppets)

Blyth Hazen studied philosophy as an undergraduate in Texas, and then pursued an MFA at Massachusetts College of Art. Her creative practice often involves making things that move. Sometimes they appear to do this on their own – on a screen. While other times they need more human engagement to be activated – like a puppet, robot or an automata. Blyth is a Professor at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA where she works with students from their first year to their senior year, teaching tools and concepts as diverse as drawing, 2D animation, 3D modeling, game development, stop motion, kinetics and robotics, and puppets.

Catie Nasser (Paper Cutting & Tunnel Books)

Catie Nasser is an art educator, art therapist, and visual artist who lives and teaches in Massachusetts with her husband and two children. She has been working with children in the arts for almost 20 years in a variety of public, private, and therapeutic settings. Catie is committed to using art as a tool to help youth find their voice and fully express their thoughts and ideas.

Greg Orfanos (Illustration: From Sketch to Finish and Acrylic Glazing Techniques)

Greg is a proud graduate of Montserrat College of Art with a B.F.A. in Illustration. His work has been shown in galleries throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. He has also been commissioned for many paintings by both businesses and private individuals. As an illustrator, he has worked in the fields of editorial and advertising. Making pictures that tell stories has always been a running theme in Greg’s work. Though a narrative is always prominent in his paintings, it is often portrayed in a surreal and allegorical way. His work is often embedded with a fascination of the bizarre, a bit of sarcasm and a tongue-in-cheek sensibility. He believes that the exchange of creative ideas in the classroom creates a symbiosis in which the teaching and the making of art exist in harmony.

Patricia Scalio (Alternative Photographic Processes)

Patricia has been working as an artist-in-residence in public and private schools and offering workshops in alternative processes for over twenty years. Her work has been exhibited at numerous art centers nationally and internationally, receiving awards that include the Worldwide Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers.