Montserrat’s Admissions Office is here to help you navigate your way through the college application process. Whether you have questions about visiting the college, transfer credits, the portfolio review process, or financial aid, we are happy to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to the admissions staff through email, phone, or text.

You can also meet our counselors at one of the many on-campus events that we host or off-campus events that we attend throughout the year. Find out more here!

We look forward to meeting you!

Jeffrey Newell
Director of Admissions
978.921.4242 ext. 1152

Thomas Radovich
Associate Director of Admissions
978.921.4242 ext. 1154

Michela Davola
Assistant Director of Recruitment and Programming
978.921.4242 ext. 1148 / Text me: 978.513.8207

Joanne Rakoc
Director of Financial Aid
978.921.4242 ext. 1155
Questions? Schedule some time with me by clicking here!

Tom Maio
Admissions Counselor
978.921.4242 ext. 1150 / Text me: 978.288.1685

Mikayla Newby
Admissions Counselor
978.921.4242 ext. 1149 / Text me: 978.296.4801

Demetri Espinosa
Admissions Recruiter
978.921.4242 ext. 1156 / Text me: 978.705.6596

Lisa LeMoult
Admissions Coordinator
978.921.4242 ext. 1153

General Admissions Inquiries
978.921.4242 ext. 1153