Gallery Of Past Events

The Improbable Places Poetry Tour has stopped in over 25 unique locations on the North Shore (and beyond!) since 2010. Check out this archive of some of the improbable places we’ve been!

Centraal Cycle, Beverly, MA
Mowers Barber Shop, Beverly, MA
Good Mojo Tattoos, Beverly, MA
People’s United Bank, Beverly, MA
Salem Laundry Company, Beverly, MA
Waters and Brown, Beverly, MA
YMCA, Beverly MA
Cityside Diner, Beverly, MA
Barter Brothers Flowers, Beverly, MA
17 Cox Gallery, Beverly MA
EuroStoves, Beverly, MA
The Roller Palace, Beverly, MA
Magma Metal, Beverly, MA
Green Meadows Farms, Hamilton, MA
Cabot Theatre, Beverly MA
Chianti Jazz Bar, Beverly, MA
Modern Millie’s Dress Shop, Salem, MA
Winfrey’s Fudge, Beverly MA
Salem Power Plant, Salem MA
Boston City Hall/Hub Week, Boston, MA
Bootstraps, Beverly MA
Essex Shipbuilding Museum
Paper Asylum, Beverly, MA
Crossing Water, Beverly/Salem Bridge
Crane Estate, Ipswich MA
Hale House, Beverly MA