Academic Advising

At Montserrat, we believe it’s important that each student be responsible for his or her own education. So while the college does stipulate certain degree requirements and makes general suggestions about sound academic programs, students are encouraged to make mature academic choices and to discover how to be an artist on their own.

At the same time, we do realize that some students may need, or want, additional academic advising and/or referrals to on- and off-campus support services to help ensure their success.

Faculty advisors are an important resource for students at Montserrat. Advisors can assist students with the development of educational plans consistent with their life, career and academic goals.

Some of the many things advisors can do include: help selecting appropriate courses, offer advice about concentration or career choices, discuss concerns regarding courses or programs and direct students to additional campus resources for assistance with personal, financial or other nonacademic needs.

Students are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisors to take advantage of their knowledge and advice. When it comes to discovering how to be an artist, sometimes a little help results in a lot of advancement.