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Founded by working creative professionals, Montserrat College of Art provides an individualized education focused on maximizing the professional and personal success of each student. Structured around experiential learning, studio practice, liberal arts, and professional preparation, the mission of the college ensures that its graduates leave equipped with the competence, confidence, and habits of mind to build lives of creative enterprise and community engagement. Montserrat recognizes its role as an economic driver and cultural leader in the region.

Students in Beverly Commons with Hardie Building in the Distance


Our individual and collective work as an independent institution of higher education is informed and guided by the following values:

  • The practice of art, design, research, and creative enterprise has intrinsic value.
  • Teaching, learning, and service are central to who we are.
  • Individuality, creativity, expression, and experimentation are respected and encouraged.
  • Accountability and integrity are essential to sustain creativity and shared community.
  • We thrive on diversity of people, ideas, and approaches.


Montserrat College of Art will be known for:

  • Its interdisciplinary, experiential, individualized, and innovative education focused on the personal and professional development of passionate, hard-working, ambitious, and creative students of all ages;
  • Its advocacy for the arts, design, and creative enterprise;
  • Its diversity, openness, access, and equity in all that we do; and
  • Its service to our community, the region, and the world.



Welcome to Montserrat College of Art! I hope you take advantage of the many resources and avenues for exploration on this website and if at any time, you prefer to talk to us, please contact our admissions office at 800.836.0487. We are here to help you!

At Montserrat, you can discover what it means to be an artist, designer and artist-educator and lay the groundwork for a life rich in meaning, fulfillment, creative expression, and career opportunity. Through the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program, you will follow a path of bold exploration guided by dedicated and highly accomplished faculty. The people you encounter will ignite your creativity and inspire ambitious work. Along the way, you will build a framework for professional and personal success in a place that feels like home, where your peers are immersed in their art 24-7.

We are an accepting community who celebrates difference. We encourage you to embrace your passion. We help you design your future, sharpen your vision, and show you that anything is possible.

We are a small college with a global reach. This can be seen in our courses of study and our close proximity to a major hub of art and design in the world, Boston. We also encourage you to think globally with access to challenging internship opportunities and international study programs, which are shining jewels of the college’s programming.

If you want to realize a productive and fulfilling creative life, Montserrat College of Art can help you….you bring the passion and energy and we will help you imagine and accomplish the impossible. We can’t wait to welcome to you!


Kurt T. Steinberg Ed.D