President Steinberg comments on Straight Pride Event

Dear Members of the Montserrat Community,   
I write to you to take the reminders of care and compassion from Academic Convocation and put them into practice this weekend. The first of many tests of our resolve to be caring and compassionate witnesses in the darkness to truth has emerged as an event being allowed to occur in Boston calling itself a celebration of straight pride. 

I am a big supporter of free speech and that is why I am exercising my right to free speech now. It is a co-opting of the symbols of celebration associated with Pride Week and similar celebrations with the intent to pervert and create an atmosphere of hate that makes it necessary to speak out.

In response to this misguided event in Boston, celebrate the joy that is Pride. Enjoy the long weekend and be mindful of the battles and sacrifices that have allowed Pride to be a celebration of overcoming and moving forward. Let the Straight Pride event serve as a caution to apathy. Apathy is the enemy.

As creative people, use this moment to seek teaching and learning opportunities in your making.

Please have a safe and glorious Labor Day weekend. Illuminate the darkness and expose the truth in all that you do.

President Kurt