2015 Summer Immersive Continuing Education Classes

From painting and fiber arts to comics and book arts, our diverse Summer Immersives are designed to allow participants time and instruction to explore new avenues of creative inquiry. We invite you to spend your summer devoted to your art in the unique environment that only a working art college can offer. Week long, intensive courses run from June 15 through July 10.

_DSC0002 (3) (2)Metal on Metal with Haig Demarjian, by Mel Powsner ’17

_DSC0080 (2) (1)

Collage with Tim Harney, by Mel Powsner ’17

_DSC0090 (1) (1)

Plein Air Painting with George Nick, by Mel Powsner ’17

_DSC0122 (1)Drawing Basics with Barbara Moody, by Mel Powsner ’17

DW_6732 (1)

Solar Plate Etching with Dan Welden, by Mel Powsner ’17

_DSC0077 (1) (1)

Encaustic Painting with Tracy Spadafora, by Mel Powsner ’17