Every student at Montserrat College of Art is viewed as a whole artist, someone with tremendous talent and potential. We pride ourselves on being a small art college where you are valued as both individuals and members of a supportive and inclusive community. The relationships you will establish here and the life skills you will cultivate will be with you for a lifetime.

Here, you will find many programs throughout the year that enable you to demonstrate your individual talents and take risks as you learn and create art. Our faculty members are professional teachers and artists who will become trusted mentors and lifelong friends.

At Montserrat, art is always a part of daily life. In addition to Montserrat’s student-run Bear Gallery, where students can gain gallery experience and show their work, we also provide opportunities to visit galleries in Boston and New York City.

If you have questions about any of Montserrat’s programs, please email Maureen Wark, Dean of Students, at [email protected].


The Ultimate Sword Battle
The new incoming class is broken into teams and prepare for battle throughout orientation. Students prepare a team name, a team flag, and varying degrees of costume/armor(a great way to “use” your move-in boxes). These students then march towards the sea and using a bucket of paint and foam swords participate in the friendliest massacre you can imagine. Everyone wins.


Fall Fridays & Spring Thursdays
There is always something going on at Montserrat! Watch out for announcements about open mic nights, game nights, movie nights, video game tournaments, dance club… (almost) anything goes!

Healthy Artists Table
Each week during the lunch break, a topic of interest will be highlighted at the Healthy Artist Table. Past topics have included voter registration, cancer awareness, alcohol awareness, HPV info, Great American Smoke-out, emotional health, stress relief, and more!

Gallery Events
The gallery plans a jaw-dropping line up of gallery events each year. From gallery shows and openings, to Artist Talks, to TAKE20 student led discussions; there is always new inspiration arriving on campus.


Montserrat has traditions that carry on each year. Here are some examples of programs that students have come to expect each year: large scale Halloween events, Curious Creatures, GenderF*ck Ball which includes drag performances, Community Thanksgiving event, Faculty/Staff/Student Kickball game, Late Night Breakfast, and more!

At Montserrat, students follow their interests. If there is a club or activity it is because some inspired student or group of students took the initiative to launch it. Instead of being top-down, groups are generated from the ground up, and grow as new communities of students join our campus community with similar interests and fresh enthusiasm.

If there is something you are passionate about, you can pursue that interest with like-minded students at Montserrat. It’s easy to start or to join a club – just check out the Annual Club Fair at the beginning of the year! Below is our most recent club roster:

Comic Book Club
Discuss and create comics. Debates, watch movies, take field trips and even create costumes.

Concept Art Club
A club where students are given a work structure simulating real-world projects for concept artists. Teams will plan, manage, and critique multiple visual assets to achieve a set goal. We plan to make art, and print a zine with everyone’s art afterwards.

Drama Club
Improv days, script reading, and a theatre focus with a possibility of developing our own show.

Garden Club
A club devoted to gardening.

Imaginary Battlefield
A club dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. Typically meets once a week for up to 4 hour sessions.

It’s On Us Montserrat
#ItsOnUs is a nation-wide movement for students and colleges to recognize and respond to sexual violence on college campuses, emphasizing the responsibility of students to be aware and respond to this problem. We are excited to expand this initiative to all social issues that our students identify as important to them today.

Making costumes, creating characters, and taking part in local LARPs.

Monty DFTBA Club
A club for MCA’s Nerdfighter community. People who follow the works of Youtube’s “Vlogbrothers” John and Hank Green, to educate others about various charities and movements to make the world suck less.

Project Montserrat
Montserrat’s programming board.

Radio Club
Internet based community radio station.

Sketchbook Club
Community collaboration and homework space.

Smash Bros. Club
Smash Bros Club hopes to establish a weekly meet-up time for competitive Smash players to practice and play as well as providing an opportunity for less experienced but interested players to learn.

Student Voice
A student forum dedicated to improving the student experience at Montserrat.

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