Guerrilla Girls

Academic Symposium    October 26 + 27

Montserrat College of Art



Guerrilla Girls

Not Ready to Make Nice, Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond is a major presentation of the work by the Guerrilla Girls on view at Montserrat Gallery August 25 - December 15, 2012. This multimedia, expansive exhibition illustrates that the work of the anonymous, feminist-activist collective Guerrilla Girls is as vital and revolutionary as ever. Curated by Neysa Page Lieberman from Columbia College Chicago, the exhibition is traveling exclusively to Montserrat College of Art Galleries. Not Ready to Make Nice illuminates and contextualizes the important historical and ongoing work of these highly original, provocative and influential artists who champion feminism and social change.

Focusing primarily on work from the past decade, the exhibition features rarely shown international projects that trace the collective's artistic and activist influence around the globe. In addition, a selection of iconic work from the 80's and 90's illustrates the formative development of the group's philosophy and conceptual approach to art activism. The exhibition is further punctuated by documentary material including ephemera from famous Actions, behind-the-scenes photos and anecdotes that reveal the Guerrilla Girls' process and the events that drive their incisive institutional interventions.

Spanning four galleries, artwork is organized by theme: Montserrat Gallery features work related to the visual art world, Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery focuses on documentary materials and publications. The Frame 301 will feature a selection of their famous black and white posters for the month of October, while the 301 gallery will feature a selection of major recent banners and billboards. The exhibition is part of a college-wide semester-long focus on Art and Activism.

The exhibition will be accompanied by public programming, workshops and most notably an academic symposium: Agents of Change: Art As Activism with a keynote presentation by the Guerrilla Girls, which will be held on October 26 + 27. Keynote Friday, October 26, 8 pm.

Symposium Prospectus: Art has long been a vehicle of protest and an agent for social change. In October 2012 Montserrat College of Art will welcome the Guerrilla Girls and other artists and academics to approach the topic of Art & Activism as it relates to art history, studio art and contemporary issues within artistic practice. Topics may include culturejammers, community artists, social and political graphics, activist printmaking, street art, murals, documentary film, environmentalist art, radical performance art and more.


Montserrat Gallery
August 25 - December 15, 2012

23 Essex Street, Beverly MA 01915
M, T, W, F 10 - 5 pm, Th 10 - 8 pm, Sa 12 - 5 pm

A survey of Guerrilla Girls past and present; including statement banners on the 2005 Venice Biennale; Museums Unfair to Men/Museums Cave In To Radical Feminists; pickets signs of 2008 - 2012, the iconic 18 foot banner Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met. Museum? and the interactive chalkboard I'm not a feminist but if I was, this is what I would complain about and more.

Carol Schlosberg Alumni GalleryCarol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery
August 25 - November 17, 2012

23 Essex Street, Beverly MA 01915
M, T, W, F 10 - 5 pm, Th 10 - 8 pm, Sa 12 - 5 pm

Featuring Guerrilla Girls books such as Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers: The Guerrilla girls Guide to Female Stereotypes (2003), Love and Hate an interactive installation of letters to the Guerrilla Girls, and Dearest Eli Broad, a 2008 open letter from the artists at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.

Frame 301Frame 301
October 1 - 31, 2012

301 Cabot Street, Beverly MA 01915
Viewable 24/7 from Cabot Street

A street-side window front installation of selected posters from various campaigns of 1980s and 90s; including Battle of the Sexes: Project for the New Yorker (1996), Traditional Values of Abortion (1992), Missing in Action (1992) Pop Quiz (1990) and more.

301 Gallery301 Gallery
October 17-27, 2012

301 Cabot Street, Beverly MA 01915
M - F 11 - 2 pm, Sa 12 - 5 pm

Banners from the last decade including: Disturbing the Peace/ Troubler le Repos (2009 - 2012), The Anatomically Correct Oscar (2002 - 2012), Estrogen Bomb (2003 - 2012), Unchain the Women Directors / Hay Que Quitar Las Cadenas a Las Mujeres Directores (2006 - 2012) and the most recent Chicago Museums: Time for Gender Reassignment (2012).


mass cultural councilAcknowledgements:
This program is supported in part by a grant from the Beverly Cultural Council, a local
agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

This exhibition is organized by Columbia College, Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces, Ellen Stone Belic Institute for the study of women and Gender in Arts and Media and the A+D Gallery, Chicago, Il