Alumna Haruyo Nakanishi Exhibiting in Japan

Alumna Haruyo Nakanishi ’93 has one of her works in the show Roots. Jomon & Mayan Cultures Inspiring Contemporary Art at the Mexico embassy in Japan this month! This exhibition displays the works of Japanese and Mexican artists who are inspired by Maya and Jomon cultures. It is a traveling show which was held last summer at the Tobinodai museum of Jomon Ruins in Funabashi, China. Exhibition Dates: March 9 – 29.

My installation work is inspired by ancient Jomon people’s mind,” Haruyo said. “After the huge natural disaster of last year, I find primordial spirit in Japanese nowadays.”

Click here to learn more about the Jomon people that have inspired the work of Haruyo.

Haruyo has been making art and exhibiting it since she graduated from Montserrat in 1993. She also has a solo exhibit in Japan coming up this June! Stay posted for details coming soon!

Alumna Michele Martin Paints to Inspire

Alumna Michele Martin was featured in Newburyport’s Daily News where she reflects upon the year she spent with the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project. Martin felt as though she had a calling to find a program in a country where her skills as an artist could make a deep and lasting impact. When she discovered the charitable organization in Cambodia, she didn’t look back!

One of Martin’s murals.

Martin spent a year working with the project’s 150 schoolchildren who ranged in age from infants to 17 years old. Since she didn’t speak the native language, Martin used art as a tool of artistic expression in order to communicate with her students.

“What is unique about this project is it’s an art-based initiative,” Martin said. “Daily art lessons encourage a noninvasive approach to self-expression and help the children cope with trauma.”

A young Cambodian boy works on a piece of a mural in Martin’s class.

Martin returned to the states six months ago and continues her life’s calling to inspire her students through art. She is currently working in the children’s psychiatric ward of Anna Jaques Hospital in Amesbury.

Martin has established “The Purpose Behind Every Mural is a Child” to raise funds for the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project where she donates a portion of each mural commission to help the children of Cambodia.

For more information, contact Martin at or visit

–>Read full article in the Daily News here

Heidi Daub Announces London Show

“She Hears Music,”Acrylic on paper, 19" x 24"

Alumna Heidi Daub ’82 is participating in the group show, Hidden Gems of Contemporary Art, at the KPK Gallery in London from Jan. 20 through Feb. 9. The exhibit will also include innovative New England based artists Carol Bass, Richard Garrigus, Libby Mitchell, Annette Kearney, Avy Claire, and Laurie Hadlock.

“My paintings evolve from an introspection, and are like poems to me, coming out of an awareness, a sense,” says Heidi. “How we perceive and feel, the nebulous space between the physical reality of a given situation, person or place, and the perceptions we carry, the curiosity and non-linear ways of looking at time. This comes up through everyday living, influenced by the natural forms I see daily, the actions of people in my life, my writing, and is something which finds its way to the surface through the process of painting.”

Visit for the latest exhibition updates of Heidi’s work and learn more about her upcoming events. Also, follow up with her on her blog:

For further information contact Heidi at

Exhibit Opening for Masako Kamiya

Assoc. Prof. Masako Kamiya‘s is among six other artists in the group exhibit entitled Japanation at Tobin Ohashi Gallery in Tokyo, Japan!

Exhibit Dates: Jan. 8 – Feb. 26
Artists Talk: Sunday, Jan. 22

The artists’ relaxing yet refreshing works are uniquely Japanese without resorting to stereotypical imagery. For more information on the show visit!

Senior Aoi Suzuki Accomplishments

Aoi Suzuki, "Surrounded by Meats", 2011, Oil on canvas

Congratulations to Senior Aoi Suzuki ‘12 who was chosen for the Exhibit Illustration West 50 at the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles! The exhibition is planned to be held in early spring of 2012 at the Gallery Nucleus.

Aoi was also part of a group show entitled Between Youth and Adulthood at Design Festival Gallery in Tokyo from Jan. 4-7. Visit to brush up on your Japanese and learn more about Aoi’s exhibition!

Aoi also contributed work to Montserrat’s Thanks for Everything Senior Fine Arts Seminar Show in November 2011 alongside three other seniors (Rena Masson, Chris Pianka & Matthew Weir).