Montserrat Students Exhibit Revisits Summer Abroad Trip to Italy


Soggiorno in Italia 2014
On ViewOct. 22 – Nov. 15, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct. 25, 1 – 3 pm
Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery, 23 Essex St. Beverly, MA
Gallery Hours: M,T,W,F: 10am-5pm, Thu: 10am-8pm, Sat: 12pm-5pm

Montserrat College of Art is proud to present Soggiorno in Italia 2014, an exhibition highlighting student work created during Montserrat’s Viterbo, Italy study abroad program. This annual exhibition showcases a day in the life of students in the enchanting medieval town of Viterbo.   Montserrat’s four-week program, which celebrated its 18th summer, provides college students and artists a unique opportunity to live and study in a country famous for its rich cultural legacy.

This year’s exhibition includes the work of students from Montserrat, RISD and State University of North Dakota. This exhibition is both a reminder and a reflection of their summer abroad, embracing foreign culture and revealing itself in a small body of work.

For many students this trip was one of their first immersive experiences, delving into a new culture wholeheartedly, finding inspiration in the “little things” such as a people-filled piazza, architecture and restaurant interiors. Student Monica O’Connor particularly enjoyed the rich antique wood and colored glass in local Viterbo bars. Her series of four watercolors shows wine and liquor bottles from the perspective of a patron sitting at the bar. The bottles resemble radiant gems or pieces of sea glass breathing life into an old watering hole.

Assoc. Prof. Caroline Bagenal, Montserrat faculty and participating instructor, poetically narrates the experience of Viterbo. “For the month of July students in the Montserrat Summer Study Program in Italy create drawings, paintings, studies, illustrations, photographs, collages, doodles, sketches, designs and all manner of art in response to living in the town of Viterbo. They explore the piazzas, the gardens, the cobbled streets, the ancient churches, the cafes, the palaces, and the hidden corners. Viterbo becomes their home, their muse, their inspiration, their days and their nights.



Published by College Relations Intern Josh Ramsey

Student News: Dino Rowan Traite ’16 Participates in AICAD Mobility Program

2014-09-05 15_19_30-Fwd_ Mobility Picture - elizabeth.gianino@montserrat

Current student Dino Rowan Traite ’16 is in his third year of studying Photography at Montserrat College of Art. He is currently taking classes at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, through Montserrat’s AICAD Mobility Program, available to Montserrat juniors. During the Mobility Program, students have the opportunity to spend a semester studying at another school for no additional cost of tuition. This enables students to utilize the unique opportunities available to them at Montserrat.

Before Traite began his Mobility Program in Florida, he had recently returned from spending the summer semester in Viterbo, Italy through Montserrat’s Study Abroad Program.

“I’m really grateful for the opportunities that are available to me at Montserrat,” said Traite. “And I hope that whatever I learn at Ringling, I can bring back and contribute into the Montserrat community.” 

At the end of the Spring Semester, Prof. Ron DiRito and Prof. Ethan Berry suggested that Traie start a travel blog, and so he did! He will be continuing to update this blog as he continues his studies:

Above Photo: Traite took this photo with his phone looking over the Ringling campus from his dorm room.

The Bear Gallery Announces Japan 2014 Exhibit

Montserrat College of Art’s student-run Bear Gallery is happy to announce their first show of the upcoming school year!

The reception for Japan 2014 will take place on Wednesday, August 27, 4:30 – 6:30 pm at 248 Cabot Street, Beverly on the second floor.

Japan 2014 is an exhibit of work from the students who took part in the school trip to Niigata, Japan this past summer. Woodblock prints and sketchbooks will be on show. This work reflects their time and experiences while there.

Please drop by and see the work and the rehabbed space. Questions can be directed to:

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New Travel Program: Film in Quebec

unnamed (1)Film in Quebec: A Documentary Lover’s Field Trip to Montreal

This trip offers both film professionals and film lovers the chance to discover what’s unique about Montreal’s contemporary filmmaking community while attending one of the region’s most prestigious all-documentary film festivals, the Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal (RIDM). Time will also be allotted for some of the city’s must-visit culinary landmarks.

Join us this November for 3 or 5 days!

What’s included: 

– Expert instruction and guide to exploring RIDM and the city of Montreal
– Exclusive access to RIDM and affiliated experts, filmmakers, and organizers
– Single or double occupancy hotel accommodation at The Hotel de l’Institut, Montreal
– Breakfast for all mornings at The Hotel de l’Institut
– RIDM all access festival pass for the days we are in Montreal
– Montreal mass transit pass
– One group dinner
– And countless memories!

1.5 college credits also available!


Full program runs November 13th through 17th. Three-night short-stay also available.

Click here to register now! 
For more information or if you have questions please go online here or contact the Continuing Education department by email at or by phone at 978.921.4242 x 1202.
Erin is both a film journalist and Quebec expert, having completed her fifth Frommer’s Guide to Montreal and Quebec City. Erin’s background in film includes producing, programming, and multi-platform film journalism. She currently edits and publishes The Independent, an online film magazine.


Participants will stay at the The Hôtel de l’Institut in Montreal’s hip residential neighborhood, the Plateau. It’s a full service hotel complete with breakfast each morning within walking distance to most RIDM venues.

Montserrat’s Montreal Program Instructor Erin Trahan Writes for ARTery

2014-07-01 12_52_06-..__ ABC __.Trahan_Erin_bioMontserrat is hosting the Travel Program A Documentary Lover’s Field Trip to Montreal this fall. The instructor for the travel program, Erin Trahan, has a few new stories out for the ARTery. See links below:

Roxbury International Film Festival Gets A ‘Lift’ From Kerry Washington Film Why We’re Still Talking About, And Watching, ‘Hearts And Minds’

For more information on the travel program to Montreal, visit our website or contact with subject line ‘Film in Quebec‘ or calling us at 978.921.4242 x1202.

Study Abroad Students in Niigata, Japan


Our Study Abroad students are finally in Niigata, Japan and what better way to celebrate than a sushi lunch?!

Top (L-R): Dakota Zouzias, Danielle Renino, Kaila Jaye T and Emily Cyr. Bottom (L-R) Paige Elizabeth, Nygel Jones and Ian Cooper.

Photo Cred: Len Thomas-Vickory

Study Abroad: Montserrat in Mallorca

Check out the photos that Montserrat College of Art’s photography students took while studying abroad to Mallorca, Span this past winter break, along with their reflections of their immersion.

Montserrat In Mallorca:

For more information about Montserrat’s Study Abroad program, please visit:






Wintersession Art Workshops coming soon!


Montserrat College of Art is offering area residents and college students an oppurtunity to create, travel, study and tour through Wintersession classes from Dec. 27 to Jan. 12. Our wintersession courses make terrific gifts, and afford participants the oppurtunity to engage with exceptional faculty for exceptional rates!

$500 for 8 day, intensive courses

$350 for 3 day, loing weekend courses

$450 for a course in New York

Hurry! Deadlines are approaching!


3 Day Weekend Intensives: Jan. 2/3 – 4

01Mixed Media Painting on Paper

led by Maria Malatesta


Documenting your Work and Photoshop 101

led by Vanessa Ruiz


Intro to Digital Video

led by Francois De Costerd


Hurry, deadline Dec 12!


Featured 8-day Intensives: Jan. 2-4 & 6-10

8 day courses are also available for credit

06Expressive Interpreations of the Landscape

led by Barbara Moody


05Small Metal Scuplutre

led by Elizabeth Alexander


04Warm Glass Jewelry

led by James Durret


Hurry, deadline Dec 12!


626I Art New York: Travel Program

This winter travel to New York, led by Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator of Montserrat’s Art Galleries, is a series of in depth investigations of current topics on art. Also Available credit.

Hurry, deadline Dec. 20!



Register now!

Visit our website or contact or 978-867-9661

Interactive Portfolio Magazine – Available Now!


Announcing two new formats for the fall issue of Montserrat’s Portfolio magazine.


Download your free Montserrat College of Art app for iPad and iPhone.

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The magazine is filled with Montserrat news, updates and videos. We hope you will flip through and watch!

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Bear Gallery Exhibits Artwork from Study Abroad Trip to Japan


The Bear Gallery proudly presents it’s second Japan Show featuring work from students and alumni who attended Montserrat College of Art’s study abroad in Niigata, Japan. The exhibit will have it’s Opening Reception on Monday, August 26 from 4 – 6 pm. The show will be up through September 17th. The Bear Gallery will be showcasing woodblock prints made by students while they attended classes at Niigata College of Art and Design in Japan during the summer of 2013.

The show will be hosted at The Bear Gallery at 248 Cabot St. on the second floor. The Gallery is open for regular hours Monday-Friday 8 am – 7 pm

How to get to the gallery: Enter through the front and go straight until you see the elevator on your left. Get off on the second floor and turn left. Or go up the stairs to the right of the elevator, through the glass windowed door to the right, and up the stairs.

Learn more about Montserrat’s Study Abroad program here:



Update from Viterbo, Italy!

Montserrat’s Summer Study Abroad program is well underway in Viterbo, Italy!

Our faculty and students have been touring historical art sites, museums and soaking up all Italy has to offer! The students are also enjoying their classes in landscape painting, photography, journalistic drawing, writing and art history! The program runs the entire month of July.

Above are some recent photos from their trip taken by Judy Brown!

Exhibition Inspired by Ghana in Library

From left: Katrina Wells '13, Ivy Fowler '13, Jacqualine Gaudet '11, Scott Geron, Associate Professor Caroline Bagenal, and Grant Archer '13

Call and Response
Reception: Monday April 30, 11:30 am
Paul M. Scott Library

Call and Response is an exhibition inspired by the Montserrat Study Abroad Trip to Ghana in West Africa.

There will be Ghanaian food and music!
Everyone Welcome!

Study Abroad in Italy this Summer!

Donna Lee landscape drawing in Viterbo; Peter Bergamo near Terme Tuscanese.

Are you looking to earn a few credits abroad this summer?

Sign up today to spend July writing, painting, photographing, drawing, studying art history and soaking up every bit of Viterbo, Italy!

We still have a few spots (and scholarship money $$) available for our Viterbo, Italy Summer Program!

Please visit to learn more and apply for this exciting opportunity!

Click here to check out some photography from the summer 2011 trip to Italy. Also, illustrations can be found at

For more information, please contact Sharon McManus at or Laura Tonelli, at or call today at 978-921-4242 x 1602.

Bringing Home the Value of Study Abroad

By Laura Olmstead Tonelli
Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs
Director of Study Abroad Programs

As featured in the Beverly Citizen (Feb. 23-29, 2012)

With the current focus on cutting the cost of undergraduate education, one popular element that might seem easily expendable is the popular option to study abroad. Even those programs that are sponsored by the home institution involve added expenses, and the price tag can be discouraging to students and their parents. In addition, since 9/11, the choice to go overseas has created fears about personal safety, resulting in a drop in travel worldwide. If the threat of terrorism is now lessened in 2012, there are new concerns. With the changeable political climate in the Arab world in the last 18 months, we have watched study abroad programs be closed or suspended in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and most recently Syria. And programs in Japan are just now beginning to resume after the events of March 2011 with the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear fallout. Isn’t it just safer and cheaper to stay home?

The answer, in my opinion, is a resounding “No.” The increasingly global nature of our every interaction makes it more important than ever for young people to have an intensive experience in another culture. While it may be difficult to quantify the educational benefits, just as it is for a humanities education, there are important indicators of the extraordinary value of study abroad programs. Recent studies now provide hard data, not simply anecdotal evidence, that demonstrate these benefits: expanding students’ world views, affecting their life choices, increasing their tolerance of new ideas and behaviors, and imparting a greater sense of civic duty at home.

The Institute for International Education of Students (IES), a non-profit consortium that has organized study-abroad programs for over 50 years, discovered that of their 3000 participants polled, more than half reported that after graduation, they had worked or volunteered abroad. Nine in ten said that the experience led them to seek a greater diversity of friends. In addition, and what is most obvious to those of us who lead such programs, is the personal growth that can occur in even a three-week period. In this same survey, besides new language skills (which granted, for some, may be focused on reading a bar menu or shopping for shoes), over 96% reported an increase in self-confidence after studying abroad.

But the most interesting finding is the effect of the travel/study experience on a sense of civic duty. Researchers in Minnesota who surveyed over 6300 people, who had studied abroad in the last 50 years, found a high level of civic engagement, philanthropy, knowledge production, and social entrepreneurship. Among the generational differences, more recent graduates show an even higher level of volunteerism, which they attribute to study abroad. What is more, one does not have to spend a semester or year abroad to reap the rewards; it is “the intensity and quality of the program” that mattered, not the duration.

So while we look for ways to make education affordable for all, let’s continue to fund scholarships that take undergraduates out of their comfort zone and into a new learning environment, where they will be challenged daily to adapt and appreciate la moda d’essere of another culture. These “worldly” students are learning skills to bring back to their own country, to apply in their own communities.

Click here for more information on our study abroad program.

Study Abroad Is Necessity, Not Luxury

Even in challenging economic times, making sure that study abroad is part of our college students’ education is a vital investment. If we want a new generation of leaders and innovators who can be effective in an ever more globalized world, sending our students overseas is not a luxury. It’s a necessity.

I believe that our national security rests upon the foundation of a well-educated electorate with a broad and sophisticated worldview. Ninety-six percent of humanity lives outside our borders — and we risk being left in the dust if we don’t know how to effectively engage the world. It’s critical to deal smartly with the emerging economic and military powers of China and India, and we must better understand the intricacies of Islam. While Germany is increasingly going wind-powered, the Dutch are building up their dikes and Africa is fighting a growing desert, we need policies more insightful than “drill, baby, drill.”

Fear vs. understanding

There’s a lot of fear in our society today. Students who travel learn that fear is for people who don’t get out much. And they learn that the flip side of fear is understanding. Travelers learn to celebrate, rather than fear, the diversity on our planet. Learning in a different culture and place allows us to see our own challenges in sharp contrast, and with more clarity, as we observe smart people in other lands dealing with similar issues.

Source: USA Today, by Rick Steves, Campus Life, Global Education, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012

Interested in Study Abroad? The last day to apply for our summer trip Italy and Japan is Wednesday, Feb. 15! Visit for more information about this great opportunity!

Viterbo 2011

Left: Val Toukatly's Watercolors on paper; Right: Lana Wheeler's "Untitled," 2011, Sketchbook & Colin Prahl's "Behind the Duomo," 2011, Sketchbook

Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery
Nov. 30 – Dec. 21

Montserrat presents paintings, drawings and sketchbooks from students and faculty from their study abroad trip to the medieval Italian town of Viterbo in June 2011, which will be on display through Dec. 21. Montserrat encourages and supports students who want to study art abroad and believes that Montserrat becomes a stronger institution when our students bring broad and diverse educational and life experiences to class.

For more information about the program, please visit Drawing Viterbo!

Jean-Claude Reynal Foundation Study Abroad Grant

The Jean-Claude Reynal Foundation, under the auspices of the Foundation of France, in collaboration with the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux, offers an annual grant of 10,000 euros to enable a young artist the incredible opportunity to travel to a country of his/her choice for up to 6 months!

Click here for more conditions and information!

The prize winner authorizes the Reynal Foundation to use a work of his/her choice on the media announcing the following year’s scholarship competition. The chosen work will be approved by the executive committee.

Deadline for online registration: November 15th 2011

Montserrat Draws Italy

Montserrat students Peter Bergamo Jr. ’12, Mori Clark, Lana Wheeler, Lindsey Desrosiers, Illustration Instructor Kelly Murphy, Prof. Fred Lynch share their drawing from this summer’s study abroad trip to Viterbo, along with many others who participated in the program.

Each July, Montserrat hosts a four-week residential program affording art students and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to live and study in a country famous for its rich cultural legacy. This past summer, Montserrat traveled to Viterbo, Italy.

The drawings are from a Journalistic Drawing in Italy course, taught by Prof. Lynch, where students developed a series of images in a sketchbook journal, based on their experiences in Italy. Students closely observed, documented, and commented on their investigations of various aspects of Italian life and culture. Classes were held in the Accademia di Belli Arte in Viterbo, about 90 minutes north of Rome.

Visit the Drawing Viterbo Blog to view more drawings!

Photos by Professor Judy Brown taken on the study abroad trip to Viterbo, Italy. Thank you Judy!
Please mouse over images to view captions.

Faculty Meeting Italian-Style

From the left clockwise: Darrell Matsumoto, Photo Prof. at Chester College; Montserrat College Faculty: Asst. Prof. Erin Dionne, Prof. Fred Lynch, Assoc. Prof. Caroline Bagenal, Academic Dean Laura Tonelli, Prof. Judy Brown, Illustration Instructor Kelly Murphy, and Alexandra Broches, photographer and wife of Darrell Matsumoto.

Montserrat faculty members assembled in Schenardi, a remarkable 19th century café, for their faculty meeting during this summer’s four-week residential cultural program in Viterbo, Italy.

The café’s room where they gathered in had a McDonalds “stand” built about five years ago, however, it only lasted a few months because the Italians complained of the puzza (bad smell).

Exploring the Etruscan Tombs

Students from Montserrat College of Art who are studying for three weeks in and around Viterbo, Italy, explore Etruscan tombs during an outing with Dean Laura Tonelli, who is an art historian. The tombs offer the students a peek into the life and art of the Etruscans through the elaborate murals they painted which exist to this day in the tombs’ interiors. Photos by Darrell Masumoto.

News from Viterbo, Italy

Montserrat’s Summer Study in Italy program is well underway with students and faculty based in Viterbo, Italy, and touring art historical sites, museums, and taking classes in painting, photography, drawing and art history.

The program runs for the month of July. Below are recent photos from Italy. New ones will be posted every so often, so come back and see what our group is up to next.

Dean Laura Tonelli

Pit stop in the sunflower field, on the way back from a field trip - with Montserrat student Tommy Hirsch '13, Dean Laura Tonelli, and RISD students Nan Luo and Anna Rosenfeld.

The group, led by Leeza Masia '10, navigating the maze of medieval streets in Viterbo.

Touring the Museum in Tarquinia. Laura tries to answer the question: What happened to all the bones in the Etruscan tombs?

News from Japan

Montserrat College of Art’s Japanese Art + Culture travel program is being held through June 24. We will post information on their trip from time to time. There are 10 students on this year’s trip traveling with faculty member Blyth Hazen and Asst. Dean of Student Services Len Thomas-Vickory. Besides taking courses and earning credit, the students will visit significant historical and cultural sites around the cities of Niigata, Osaka, Kyoto, Takarazuka and Tokyo.

Montserrat alumni Emi Okamoto who works at Niigata College of Art and Design and alumus Anders Hagman, assisted with the arrangements. The students are being housed by Japanese families. Alumna Hedwiga Kulig is staying with 3 of the students in a traditional Japanese farmhouse in a small town called Shibata – outside of Niigata.

Blyth Hazen files these reports:

We started the day with a hands on woodblock print workshop with Tetsuo Abe. In the afternoon we had a lecture on contemporary Japanese design practices by Shuihiro Koizumi. We finished the day with a Montserrat/NCAD collaborative drawing workshop. Much laughter and vocabulary building.

Today we went to an Anime/Manga college (JAM)  in Niigata – was awesome – hands on Manga wokshops – another Montserrat alumni now works at Jam – I will post more pictures to the Facebook group later.

Mr. Kato the president of NCAD has taken the entire group out for dinner 3 times and is putting Len and me up in a hotel the entire time we are in Niigata.

Japan program on Facebook.

Winter Art & Yoga in Puerto Rico

Top left:  Student Natalie Townson working at Purple Beach; Bottom left: A post dinner “Namaste” after faculty cooked for the group that evening. At right: View across the bay at Red Beach.

Top left: Student Natalie Townson working at Purple Beach; Bottom left: A post dinner “Namaste” after faculty cooked for the group that evening. At right: View across the bay at Red Beach.

Last year Foundation, Painting and Drawing Professor at Montserrat, Judith Brown, established a study abroad program on the island of Puerto Rico and its small island ‘suburb’ of Vieques. While visiting Vieques, Brown was inspired to create an artistic program that not only harnessed the physical beauty and unique island pace, but also weaved in the practices of art and yoga.

“In addition to experiencing another culture, the political history and ecology, I designed the Puerto Rico program to encourage students to make a connection between the disciplines of yoga and the creative process. I want them to experience the benefits of yoga and its effects on their art. Practiced in tandem, it can be an effective strategy for emerging artists to harness their creativity from within.”

The components of the program include morning yoga practice, on site studio classes, visits to area museums, a day-long kayaking trip and time in the rain forest of El Yunque. The first Art and Yoga in Vieques, Puerto Rico program ran this past January and was considered by all to be a great success. Six students and three staff members attended the winter session and Brown was pleased with the results.

“I’m happy to report that nearly all of the students who attended the program continued yoga once back at Montserrat and feel it contributes to their artistic practice.”

The next Puerto Rico program will run January 2 – 15, 2010. For additional information, contact Judy Brown at

Viterbo, Italy Students Celebrate

from Dean Laura Tonelli

The Viterbo, Italy students celebrated their accomplishments last night with a display at the Accademia of paintings and watercolors from Judy Brown’s Landscape Painting class, sketchbooks created during Fred Lynch’s Journalistic Drawing class,  and, from Charles Boyer’s writing class, journal readings on a variety of Italian topics — pizza “presents”, golden nectar at the Trevi Fountain, and surrealist memories of Viterbo night terrors.

Brad Wehrman from NDSU finishing up some writing in the Studio, his work behind him.

Brad Wehrman from NDSU finishing up some writing in the Studio, his work behind him.

I call this High School Musical 3!!  The snacks are courtesy of Leeza Masia, our resident caterer.

I call this High School Musical 3!! The snacks are courtesy of Leeza Masia, our resident caterer.




Saluti da Italia!

from Dean Laura Tonelli

The Montserrat Italy group started its second weekend in Italia with a day-long field trip throughout the region, led by “yours truly” in the Etrusca cap,  painted by Viterbo alumnus Jim Falck.

Liz Goodenough sitting with Dean Laura Tonelli

I am sitting here with Liz Goodenough of Beverly.

First stop was the Etruscan necropolis of Cerverteri (a city of 30,000 people at its height c. 650 BCE that traded with groups from all around the Mediterranean, from Sardinia to Sicilly, Carthage to East Greece.)  This is our Indiana Jones caper, dodging in and out of the tombs for several hours and getting lost on the Via degli Inferi.  The most distinctive tombs are enormous mounds, covered in earth (and thus integrated into the landscape) with interiors carved out of the tufa to form replicas of Etruscan houses.   The Etruscan art history students gave the tour to the whole group, describing different aspects of the architecture and decoration.

This is our Indiana Jones caper, dodging in and out of the tombs for several hours and getting lost on the Via degli Inferi.

This is our Indiana Jones caper, dodging in and out of the tombs for several hours and getting lost on the Via degli Inferi.


Next stop was Tarquinia, with the spectacular painted tombs with banquet scenes of Monterozzi.

The Art History class paused to take in the view.

The Art History class paused to take in the view.

After a quick swim in the Mediterranean, we finished the day exploring the dazzling color-encrusted sculpture park built by Niki de St. Phalle and Jean Tinguely.  The park is filled with characters from the Tarot, with the Empress-Sphinx serving as the house of the artist during the park’s construction.


Montserrat students Meghan Hawkes and Victoria Belisle catch the view from the top.

After gelati, acqua,  and a pisolino (nap), we’re good to go again.

Next weekend – ROMA!

Blogging from Viterbo, Italy

from Professor Judy Brown

jb-italyIt is difficult for me to believe we’ve begun our 2nd week here in Viterbo. Arriving crunched up, sleep deprived and suddenly stepping into the heat and sunlight, now seems a distant memory. The first days are always a blur of arrival: settling into our apartments at the student residence or through the walled city, eating our first meal, blissfully falling asleep at the end of that very long first day.  That first Saturday we have initial class meetings, find our way around the city, eat more together (this is Italy after all!) and spend a leisurely Sunday on the shores of Lago Bolsena.

The pictures I’ve attached are from the first couple of days of Landscape class. Andy, Kristen, Kai, Michelle and Brad started out in gardens of the Palazzo Priori overlooking the Valley Faul or angling back into the terraces that build from the valley to the Papal Palace. Wednesday and Thursday we roamed in the narrow streets of the midieval quarter, San Pelligrino. Next week will find us in the fields that surround the thermal baths, Villa Lante and the nearby city of Tuscania.


More pictures later….
A presto….

Summer Art in Viterbo, Italy

Viterbo, Italy

Viterbo, Italy

July 2-July 30, 2009

The medieval city streets of Viterbo still resonate with the sounds and rhythms of their ancient inhabitants. Once a major Etruscan site, the province of Viterbo was later inhabited by the Romans whose amphitheaters and baths remain well preserved. The 13th century papal palace in the center of the San Pelligrino section of the city is evidence of Viterbo’s significant role as a place of refuge for medieval popes, and more recently as the film location for Zeferelli’s Romeo and Juliet. Today Viterbo is a bustling modern town with a lively university community and active art scene.

Viterbo is located 76 km. north of Rome, and is easily accessible to Florence, Siena, Assisi, Orvieto and the waterside resorts of Tarquinia, Bolsena and Vico. Students are encouraged to use local buses to visit the nearby lakes and villages.

Montserrat’s four-week residential program affords art students and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to live and study in a country famous for its rich cultural legacy. Classes are held in the Accademia di Belli Arte in Viterbo, about 90 minutes north of Rome. As an integrated arts program, we offer courses in painting, drawing, photography, art history and writing. Students may elect two courses, to earn a maximum of 6 credits. All courses are taught in English by college and university faculty trained in the United States.

Course Offerings
Art History
Landscape Painting
Landscape Photography
Journalistic Drawing ­ new offering for illustration students and others!
Journal Writing

Additional Information
For more information, contact Laura Tonelli at 978.921.4242 x 1601