animation + interactive media

"What attracted me to Montserrat is I felt like I was home when I walked in. Montserrat is one of the few schools in Massachusetts with an Animation program, and the whole school is so supportive of innovation and creativity. I feel like I really could throw myself into my work and come out a better artist." – Michelle McGaughey '14

The Animation and Interactive Media (A+IM) concentration at Montserrat College of Art reflects a philosophy that the basic ideas of linear, time-based and interactive media are equally at home in the fine arts and commercial realms, and that practitioners share tools, practices, basic storytelling and/or information design principles.

The A+IM curriculum incorporates courses from several departments including Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. The program leaves it up to the individual student, under the guidance of faculty, to discover and pursue his or her own aesthetic direction. Animation graduates are prepared to work as individuals or as members of production teams in the development of animations, websites, video games or other interactive media projects.


“I had the chance to sit down with some of the biggest names in the animation industry."
– Chris Pianka '11

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