John McVey

Animation and Interactive Media, Book Arts, Graphic Design

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John's interest in the look, feel and multifarious uses of words and/with images has accompanied him through degrees in literature, a six-year stint in Tokyo writing annual reports and editing securities research, editorial and design practice, a degree in design and, eventually and by accident, teaching.

His teaching emphases are typography, design discourse and history, and getting at the stories behind and around design practice and problems. His research interests – which seep into his teaching – include Renaissance and modern emblem books, asphalt, garden and landscape practice, and telegraphic codes and message practice, 1870-1945 (about which he has presented papers at several academic conferences).

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Education: A.B., English, M.A., Malay-Indonesian Languages and Literature, University of California, Berkeley; M.F.A., Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art.